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I couldn't wait to wash it off. The makeup artist said it would look better once I dealt with my skin I'm not kidding and, while I didn't appreciate her blaming me for her poor application, it helped me realize I had dry skin.

The BEST Makeup For Dry Skin

Of course, this experience didn't exactly encourage me to wear makeup so it was a few more years before I began to figure things out. Now that I've been wearing makeup regularly for years, in addition to writing about it and trying out tons of different makeup and skincare products, I finally know what works for my dry skin. Getting makeup to look good on dry skin takes a combination of skincare and the right products.

You can't do nothing for your skin and then wake up in the morning and throw any kind of foundation on and expect it to look good. Dry skin requires some TLC as well as some advance planning. You also should invest in products tailored for dry skin, and avoid anything for oily skin or with the words "matte finish.

Follow these steps, and you'll have glowing, flawless skin in no time. Often with dry skin, flakiness can be an issue. You want your skin to be a smooth surface on which to apply makeup, so be sure to exfoliate at least once a week. If you have sensitive skin, it's best to avoid physical exfoliants and instead use a BHA or AHA exfoliant BHA is the gentlest type once or twice a week for example, the Stridex pads found at most drugstores contain salicylic acid which is a BHA exfoliant.

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However, when I need to remove flakiness last-minute before applying makeup, then I will reach for a physical exfoliant such as the ones pictured in the photo below. As for the Cosmedix scrub , you can pair that with water or any cleanser for a very deep pore cleanse, and I like that it contains natural ingredients along with salicylic acid for smoother skin. So definitely consider using one of these or something similar to slough off flakes and such before doing anything else. Just be gentle! The next step, once your skin is clean, is to make sure it's properly moisturized.

Above are three of my favorite products for keeping my skin hydrated. I like to use Skin's Shangri La at night after washing my face before bed.

M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Skin Reviews

It's a thick, luxurious moisturizer so it might make your face too shiny for daytime use, but it sinks in while I sleep so I wake up with glowing skin. The Skin Inc. Custom-Blended Serum is genius; you take a skin identity quiz on their website and then they blend three serums that are perfect for your skin type.

This serum sinks in immediately, so it's fine to put it on before your nighttime moisturizer or before makeup or both. Finally, I definitely recommend using a daytime moisturizer that has at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from sun damage. This one from FAB is perfect for dry, sensitive skin and it layers well under makeup. Make sure your moisturizer has been fully absorbed before moving on to the next step. If you tend to use a rich moisturizer under your makeup you could consider that your primer and skip this step.

I personally like to use a primer because of how it helps smooth and prep my skin for makeup. I like the Pixi primer for dry skin like mine because it has a creamy, hydrating consistency and a warm, peachy color that has a glimmering sheen to it. It makes my skin appear to glow from the inside. Buy it.

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A white cream that feels just like a moisturiser but don't worry, it doesn't leave a white cast behind. If you struggle with shine this primer has got your back. In fact I only apply a tiny amount to my t-zone and chin the areas where I struggle with oiliness as I find it too drying on the whole of my face. This makes my foundation last all day, even on my chin which is an actual miracle.

Best for colour correction: Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer. This thick cream is available in three shades: With each colour designed to neutralise and brighten your skin. As this cream is thicker, I find you do need to work it into the skin, so it's best to apply this one with your fingers. Lasting power: As well as the colour correcting benefits, this primer is like glue for your makeup.

Is this product good for dry skin??

I like that it provides a smooth base without that silicone feeling and I find my makeup lasts a good 8 hours. Best under heavy coverage foundations: If you're a fan of heavy coverage, long-wear foundations, this is the primer for you. It has a lightweight consistency and the milky colour disappears once blended into the skin. As well as minimising the look of pores, this keeps your skin hydrated, stopping foundation settling into fine lines. If you don't like the look of heavy coverage foundations but still want your makeup to last all day, Kat Von D Beauty's global makeup artist, Erik Soto recommends mixing half of the primer with your foundation.

This sheers it out whilst still ensuring your foundation lasts all day. A solid 9 hours. Best for smoothing: This is a much thicker primer similar to a balm texture , which has a silicone feel to it. Silicone is what helps to fill in pores, making them appear minimised and gives the skin that smooth effect.

M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Skin

If texture and large pores are your bugbear, you need this in your life. I recommend using a small amount, just where you need it, i.

Best for glow: Becca Backlight Priming Filter. This gold-toned cream is very light and feels like a regular moisturiser when applied to the skin. It's not as intense as Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector's, but it still leaves your skin with a real glow that shines through, even once you've applied foundation over the top.

This is designed to make your skin glow, rather than prolong the wear of your makeup. Therefore I find after about 6 hours my foundation has started to break down on areas like my chin and nose. Best for dull skin: Rimmel London Instaflawless Primer.

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This feels and looks very much like a tinted moisturiser and it does a very similar job. Available in two shades light and medium this gives your skin a hint of tint with a real natural glow. Think slightly less coverage than a tinted moisturiser but enough to make it look like you have really good skin naturally…aka the dream. We just wish it was available in a bigger shade range.

Like the Becca primer, this isn't designed to prolong your makeup, rather keep your skin hydrated and leave a glow. Therefore if you have oilier skin like me, you will still need your regular touch up, and for me that's after 6 hours. Best for redness: This lightweight silicone based gel, is designed to even out skin redness before you even apply your foundation.

If you like the smoothing effect of silicone primers but find ones like POREfessional are too heavy for you, this is a good in-between. A good 8 hours. Best for dehydrated skin: This feels and looks very much like a thin moisturiser. In fact I would skip the moisturiser altogether in the morning when using this. Packed with coconut water to promote hydration in the skin something that's very much needed after one too many glasses of prosecco.